Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Last Minute Christmas Gifts

I am so so so so so sorry I have not been posting.
I hope people are actually reading my posts, because it does take time and effort to do all this.
Anyway, here are some last minute gift ideas.... plus there are lots of ideas on youtube if you want to check those out.
And.... if you really want to give someone a gift it doesn't matter if you give it to them now or a couple days after christmas.
Just have fun with your friends and family.

Now, for the Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas- If you want to make something.....

  • Hot Chocolate Mix- fill a jar with hot chocolate powder, crushed candy canes, and anything else for a nice hot chocolate,
  • Cookie Mix In A Jar- fill a jar with the dry ingrediants for a cookie recipe, attach the directions on what to add, and include the recipe
  • Why I love you.... make a mini book with reasons you love your friend or family members
  • Make cookies or cupcakes
  • Make letters or a poem or short story and put them into envelopes... on each envelope write something like, "Open when happy" or "Open when alone"
  • A bag or jar of sweets.
  • I promise you... make vouchers for your friend..... promising things you will do with your friend for example: "I promise i will make cookies with you" or "i promise i will go shopping with you"         
I hope these ideas helped....
I have to cut the list short as I just remembered I have chores to do... *blushes*

Love you all,

AverageTeenGirl xxx 

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