Sunday, January 3, 2016

Short Story: Out In The Cold

It was a wintery day in early January and twelve year old Lisa ran outside, eager to see her best friend, Chloe, and the surprise Chloe had promised to show her.
"Where are you going?" Lisa's step-mum called after her.
"Just outside to see Chloe. I will be back by one, I promise." Lisa said.
"Have fun then, dear." Lisa's step-mum smiled, closing the door after the young girl.
Lisa ran down to the park, where she always met Chloe, and sat down on a bench under the covered area. She hummed to herself as she waiting, and kicked her legs against the seat.
"I wonder where she is!" Lisa said to herself, as she looked about her, "Chloe is always on time to our little meetings."
Just then Lisa heard someone call her name and she looked up and saw Chloe run towards her, pulling a sledge behind her.
"SURRRPPPRISEEE!!!" she shouted, pointing at the sledge.
"Ohh.... I've never gone sledging before. My parents don't think young ladies should do such things. Where did you get it?" Lisa squealed in delight.
"My parents don't like this sort of thing either. I am late as I had to find a time to get it out here without them seeing. A couple weeks ago my cousins came and they left it here by mistake. Our gardner man found it and gave it to me. He said if I didn't want it he would take it down into town and sell it. My cousins have a new one so they have no need for it." Chloe said, with a smile.
"Awsome! Well, shall we go sledging then?" Lisa said, clapping her hands together.
"Yep...I know a great spot. Come with me." Chloe said, and the two friends walked off together, chatting and laughing.
They came to a small hill and ran up it, to the top. They sat on the sledge together, and then pushed off. They sled down the hill, squealing with excitment.
When they got to the bottom they looked at each other and laughed. They had never had so much fun!
"Can I go down on my own this time?" Lisa asked, after the third time.
"Sure. Why not?" Chloe said.
Lisa got on the sledge and pushed off. It was going well until she hit a small boulder, which they had not noticed before. Lisa had been squealing so much she hadn't seen it. She went flying and landed head first in the snow. Chloe screamed and ran over to her friend.
"Are you alright?" Chloe asked, but there was no reply.
Chloe nudged her friend, but Lisa did not respond.
"Are you dead?" Chloe asked, "Tell me if you are dead."
Lisa coughed and gave a small laugh, at what her friend had said but when she tried to get up she fell back down in pain.
"I can't get up." Lisa said, tears starting to fall down her face, "Go get someone. I don't think I will be able to walk."
"I can't leave you here alone. I can't." Chloe cried, "This is all my fault. I'm so sorry."
"I'll be fine, silly. Just go get someone." Lisa said.
Chloe looked back at her friend and then ran in the direction of home.
What should happen next?
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  1. oh my gosh. whats gonna happen? how about someone comes to help? someone they both like? i dont know. good story though